• Library

    The school students from std I onwards can avail of the facilities of a rich library with certain conditions.

    • + Only one book will be issued at a time.
    • + Books must be returned within 7days otherwise a fine of Re 1per day will be imposed upon the students.
    • + In case of any damage or loss of books, the compensatory cost will be recovered from the concerning students.
    • + The facility of newspapers, magazines and periodicals in Hindi & English can also be enjoyed in the library.
    • + The library will remain functioning from 10:00 am. To 4:00 p.m.
  • Laboratory

    The facility of a well equipped laboratory of Physics, Chemistry, Biology & Maths is available for all the students from class V onwards. It is meant to facilitate the complex understanding of science & Maths. Conditions apply as thus:-

    • + Any kind of loss or damage will be recovered from the respective students.
    • + The regular practical classes will be held according to the class, routine & groups.
    • + The apparatuses will be issued only on the school identity card.
    • + The apparatuses used will have to be submitted duly cleaned.
    • + Practical copies must be maintained with the record of the experiments done.
  • Transport

    The school also provides conveyance facilities to the students coming from remote places. There are school buses which run on all the routes. The bus fare varies according to the distance.