Change is the way of nature. Yet the footprints of great work leave an indelible imprint on the sands of time. Time is fleeting and making life a ceaseless struggle.
  • In such a challenging scenario, perfect and future oriented education is the only prop which can brave and bear the tempests of insecured tomorrow.

    Keeping all these adversaries in consideration, the school concentrates on imparting apposite education to enable the students to stand independently on the social and national level. The sole motto of ours is character, caliber and career formation irrespective of any discrimination on the basis of caste, colour or creed. To produce adventurous, industrious, innovative and honest citizens is the true purpose of education and to which the school is earnestly committed.

  • Preparotory

    The school has set up a sophisticated kinder garten with the modern features and teachers well adaptive to the child behavior, attitude and psychology. These children enjoy their learning in a play way mode. Only female teachers are preferred in this section to nourish the infants with elementary skill in full motherly care and affection to bloom the buds to the fullest fragrance.

  • Co-Scholastic Activities

    Co-Scholastic Activities are part and parcel of the school system. These are held steadily with a view to enhancing the all round development of our school children. We have SUBJECT CLUBS, QUIZ CLUBS, DEBATING SOCIETY, Environmental Club SPORTS CLUB AND CULTURAL SOCIETY headed by efficient and experienced experts. Their functions are as below:

    • SUBJECT CLUBS : Organising seminars, developing models, charts, encouraging research work and innovative steps on
    • CULTURAL SOCIETY : Organizing Drama, Music, Dance, Painting and Drawing events.
    • SPORTS CLUB : Organizing Outdoor & Indoor Sports events, hosting inter school tournaments, inculcating a high sense of discipline and obedience to teachers, developing leadership qualities.
    • ENVIRONMENTAL CLUB : Conducting relevant events to rise environmental Awareness.